Start with a Thought

I’ve been wanting to start a blog for some time now. Yet how to begin has eluded me. More accurately, I chickened out.  I started writing only to have the words sound something more akin to a lecture. Or so I was told. Cringe. As a writer and a hypnotherapist, I’m aware of the power of words.

I read a dear friends blog, it wasn’t all shop talk and that struck me. It was her journey towards her dream, speed bumps and all. It was personal in a way that didn’t bog down or pretend to skip along when she wasn’t feeling particularly ‘skippy’. It was beyond her years and at the same time I could feel an exuberance for life that was as fresh as a child’s. In a word, it was poignant.

With that said, I feel like I got the last piece of knowledge that I needed before I began. I want to begin with some of my ideas on thoughts. Stop a moment to consider that everything made by humans once began as a thought. Like tiny seeds that grow into something many times the original size, your thoughts, every single one of them, has within it power many of us overlook. To sum it up, “You are what you think.”

It’s tempting to quip, “I think I’m rich.” then laugh knowing your bank account hasn’t instantly increased. I’m not talking about a genie who grants wishes. I mean quieting the multitudes of ideas and comments that zip around in your head, you know the ones I mean; wondering about your fantasy baseball score, what to wear, the level you’re at in Angry Birds, etc.,. It’s important to let go of all of those ‘background noise’ kinds of thoughts so you can zero in on what lights you up inside. If it’s true that the world is a stage and we are but the players, then create a blockbuster that makes your hair fly back and your heart soar.

Not sure what you want, but can reel off a list dislikes faster than a speeding train? Yes, that’s me raising my hand. It’s easy to be lulled into thinking that because a thought is not written down or voiced means it’ll float harmlessly into the ether. Not so. Whether you tip-toe or dive right into the muck, you’re going to get, well, mucked up. “I don’t want someone who’s always late,” “I don’t want cheese on that,” “I hate canned tomatoes,” “I don’t like _____________”. You get the picture, right? So for starters, practice thinking of what you want. In any situation, in commuting, (hint, green lights…) in a career, in a significant other, in a pair of shoes, home, holiday… and so on and so forth. Write it down, and be as specific as you can get, it doesn’t matter how long the list gets, add it all. This is an excellent way to boost your mind onto a plane of thought that tends to go untraveled.

Ready, set, go.


5 thoughts on “Start with a Thought

  1. Katie Ball

    I love this, it’s inspiring and doable – the best of both worlds! One of my dreams is to meet you in person and I’m so glad that will soon be a reality!


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