Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Woo-Woo?

I recently read a blog and this line caught my attention, “I fear that when I mention the ‘mystical’ element, people probably hear the following in their brains: “WhooOOOooOOoooOOO!””

I can relate.  On this side of the pond we call it woo-woo.  I’ve become rather fond of the term actually.  I can’t stand small talk.  These days, I’m more likely to turn the tables and bridge the distance from small talk to something with more depth.  Flashing a smile and playing the woo-woo card, I just might say something that will stop you in your tracks.

I used to not tell people the, er, clues I would get when conversing with them.  Internally I’d make excuses, giving myself permission to remain silent and not say that I caught a glimpse of them behind their mask.  Cue up the Rocky theme song.   “I saw something wonderful in you and didn’t say a word, and even better, you think I’m as on the level as you are.”  I’d be so relieved to have calmed my fears yet again, that a lot of time went by before I noticed the flaw in my plan.  I was so busy holding my own mask in place, and patting myself on the back that I didn’t have a free hand to help up the person next to me.

Now I give people credit, and speak up.  Turns out, the least likely folks have said, “You know, you might have something there.”  Some cry, then hug me.  Even if I get a perplexed look followed by silence,  I know I’ve placed an idea in their mind.  I point out sign posts that are visible to me.  Kindly.  And if what I say strikes someone as woo-woo, then maybe it’s an opportunity for them to consider a different way of seeing themselves.

If that woo-woo sound echos through your brain, spin your internal dial and give a listen through your heart.  Of one thing I am certain, that we are all capable of climbing our personal mountains, AND giving the person next to us a hand up.  Everyone has that light in them.  No matter how distant or small it’s perceived to be, it’s there.  And if you want a hint, sharing it makes it bigger and brighter.


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