I am, as ever, in awe

of someone who is willing to unlearn heavy things, and carve a new path for themselves so their future can become what they want.

These amazing folks step up to a healing modality that they are usually, unfamiliar with, and they open their minds to something new.  In my work, I am often told by clients, “I’ve tried everything else.”  To name a few complementary modalities that can help a person feel better without a drug are;





Sound therapy

Emotional Freedom Technique

What I like about the above list is, it’s  not only drug free, they are non invasive, and can be free or inexpensive.  There’s a bevy of options out there, some as simple as walking.  You might begin walking for exercise, it gets your energy moving, you breathe deeper and before you know it, you’ve discovered a whole new world outside your door.

Anyone can become informed of the basics about these and other modalities via the internet or public library, look around for a practitioner they are comfortable with and give it a go.  I’ve learned just how big of a step that can be for someone, to gather their courage and walk into something completely unfamiliar.

I applaud anyone who wants more, who wants an inner satisfaction with who they are.  That’s not something they sell in stores, that’s found on a journey into oneself.  Memories and thoughts are sifted through and let go of.  Realization dawns that life can go on much easier without this limiting belief, without carrying that grudge or other fears.

One client, who has a heart condition, put it this way, “I take all of the doctors advice, the medication, and I do all the physical things I’m supposed to, but this … is for my spirit.  I feel like the best day in church, uplifted.”

And I am completely humbled and full of gratitude for it all.


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