as with homes, so it is with hearts

I’m catching up with my friend Katie via phone today.  She works in radio but when the job dried up, she decided that since she was managing without a steady income, she might as well be doing it while living her dream.  She’s had a life long dream to cross the country, see places she had long wanted to see and hear the stories of people’s lives along the way.

I love to hear all about the adventure, plus her ability to peel back the layers and face fears is always a great inspiration.  Today was no different, but there was an added twist.  The scene unfolded this way, Katie finds herself with the previously scheduled place to stay fallen through.  It’s late at night, and the closest person to call is an old school friend she hasn’t seen in 20 years.  They had plans to meet up on her way through town, but she imagined catching up over lunch and a long hike.

With heart in hand she put aside her pride and phoned, asking to crash on the couch for the rest and the feeling of safety, that comes from sleeping in a home instead of her car.  Katie’s been camping a bit and sleeping in her specially refurbished  auto, but it’s not always easy to be asleep in a car in the middle of nowhere.  Sleep tends to lack a deep restful quality due to having one ear tuned to every little sound.  After a few days and weeks of this, it can take it’s toll.

Back to her story, she’s telling me she had the hardest time asking for a place to stay, never imagining that this would be the situation when she finally got to say hi after so long.  Ah, life, funny how it works.  I could hear the tears being choked back as she recounted this to me.  Strong independent types are great givers, but not always so good at receiving.

Trippy thing is, the vision I got in my mind’s eye as she spoke of this, was of her walking in through a doorway, side by side with Jesus.  Yes, that Jesus, of fishes and loaves fame.  At the same instant, Katie said, “I was so humbled …”  and whatever else she finished the sentence with was lost as a stronger voice said very kindly, and without judgment, “That’s how you should always enter someone’s home.”

Well . . . okay.  Sure.  I got it, but not exactly.  Then I told Katie what I saw and heard, and I could because she’s cool with my peculiarities, she summed it up with, “Yeah, I guess so because otherwise you’re just taking it for granted.”  And that’s why she’s so wonderful to talk with, she’s great at seeing the bottom line.

Think about how you feel when returning home after a long trip.  Even if you stayed in a nice hotel or with family, it’s always so good to come back to the space you have created, with your things around you, a personal haven.  Then realize that sanctuary, is what is being opened up to you every time you walk into someone’s home.  They live here, dream in this space, and the door opens to let you in.

Be humble.  I like that.


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