Nothin’ wrong with needing help


Whenever I see that word I can’t help but hear the Beatles singing it.  I’ve been going over some books on spiritual self-help, because I’m writing a book proposal and it has to include a competitive analysis.  While I’m enjoying these books, I’m struck by the easy going idea that it can all be done with just the book.  In my experience, especially in the beginning, I needed help on my journey, and sometimes, I still do.  It is a lifelong thing after all.  I see the same with clients, new ideas can be hard to grasp, and maybe they need another explanation of the ideas presented.

First example, a book will read, “Close your eyes and meditate/visualize/imagine  __________”.  There are a couple of ways to go about this; record yourself reading it and play it back, memorize the whole thing, or have a friend guide you through it.  I see people grapple with this kind of thing regularly, even when there is a cd included.  There are times when a real person, who knows to pause for longer than a recording, or to watch your face for signs of comprehension, etc., will prove invaluable.

Second, only one, maybe two healing modalities tend to be suggested in books, to help resolve the issues that come up.  From what I’ve seen with clients especially, they need options.  What we, as writers and healers find works, might not work for every reader.  There are a lot of modalities out there for a person to try.  If it resonates with you, look into it further, ask questions and if you still are drawn to it, by all means, try it.  There are a few that a person can do on their own once they get the basics down; meditation, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), affirmations, journaling and even Reiki.  I’m sure there are others I’m not familiar with.  If you’ve tried the suggested modality from a book your working with, and even with assistance it just isn’t helping, don’t give up, try something new.

Third, “I need somebody.”  Sometimes you’re going to want and/or need help.  There’s nothing wrong with needing someone to hand you a map when you feel as if you can’t find your bottom with both hands.  It happens, I’ve been there, “It’s where?  Turn around?  Say WHAT?!”

There might be times when the assignment in the book needs more clarification, or you want to question it altogether, “Am I doing this right?”  Also, there are times when the reader is giving pat answers and could use someone to point that out.  Chances are there will be those days where the world feels like it’s been turned upside down and you know you need someone to call, text or email, to remind you to breathe, and give you a hand up to smelling the roses.  Whether you have seen a shaman, a therapist, a hypnotherapist, or attend AA meetings, etc.,. I strongly suggest you rely on a professional for the occasional boost when needed during this kind of work.


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