“The Help” – and the Richter scale

Today, my oldest daughter took me to see “The Help”, it was an unexpected treat.  She bought the movie tickets, I bought the iced teas.  I don’t want to try and sum up the literal parts of this film, or give anything away.

I will say this,

I love it when a movie can take my heart and strum a chord of feelings I didn’t know existed.

Or perhaps, it was there all along, just waiting for some eruption of laughter, or gasp of the unexpected to wake it up, the way earthquakes wake up volcanoes.  I am moved.

The way people can reveal all the facets of themselves, and hope for only love in return.

The simplest of phrases, uttered on a kind breath can plant a seed, can change the world.
“You is smart.  You is kind.  You is important.”


3 thoughts on ““The Help” – and the Richter scale

  1. Linda Cassidy Lewis

    The subject is dear to my heart, but I probably won’t see this movie until it’s on dvd because I want to read the book first and I’m like 185 on the reserve list at the library. I’m glad to know you found it worthwhile. Did you read the book?

  2. serenitywriter Post author

    Hi, no I hadn’t even known it was a book. I hear the book is lovely, one woman said she missed the characters (after finishing reading the book). Wooo, 185, wow. Glad to know the people of this county are still reading books. : )


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