a handful of ideas

Clearly, I should not blog about technology.  Give me a minute to let my eyes roll Northward and heave a gusty sigh.  Okay, enough feeling embarrassed over that last post.  Onto new ideas;

It’s getting easier to see that in judging someone else, I’m really judging myself for that same thing and have not let myself off the hook.  Yet.

Health is a three legged table, what you put into your mind is just as important as what you put into your body and the exercise you give it.

I’d like to see a commercial on the benefits of meditating, similar to the way they make commercials selling the latest drug.  It would be nice to have new ideas pitched to people for their private consideration but also, employers stand to gain by offering their employees the opportunity to take mediation classes the way some offer chair massage in a conference room.

What if that contented feeling was possible all or most of the time, not just when we reach the summit of a lifetimes worth of climbing?  Would you let yourself revel in that on any given day?

On the writing front, my oldest first exposed me to the term ‘oversharing’, with some hilarious tales to define it.  Now, I’ve decided to give this trait to one of my fictional characters.  On that note, I’m off to have some imagination fun.


2 thoughts on “a handful of ideas

  1. Terri Porrino

    Oh, I wish. I find it very hard to meditate or even to sit still. My mind is always racing on to the next thing on my to-do list. I usually don’t stop until my body tells me I need to sleep.

  2. serenitywriter Post author

    Honestly, it takes practice. I have days like that, and when it happens, I’ve found the best thing to do is stop, go outside and walk. Or dance around, something to get the body moving and then I’ll meditate later. I continue to hear of people getting better results on their medical physical exams, lower blood pressure, steadier heart rates, etc.,. It’s worth it in this day and age of high stressors to look into a way to find calm. Many thanks Terri for stopping by – Jess


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