There’s treasure everywhere

Today a friend gave me a big box full of beading things.  She said it had belonged to her mother, who passed on some years ago.  My friend has come to the decision she isn’t going to take up the hobby, and that it’s time to let go of these items.  I asked a few times if she was sure she was ready to give these things away.  She was sure and so tonight I looked through it all, like a pirate discovering a trove full of treasure.

It was clear her mother spent a lot of time creating this stash; from choosing beads in all shapes and colors, to the large variety of the fiddly bits one needs to complete projects.  Everything was organized and labeled.  All the while I had a sense I couldn’t put my finger on.  Melancholy?  Hope?

I came across a project-in-the-making bag, inside were two kinds of beads, sparkly diamond like crystals, and alphabets beads.  Lastly, a heart and arrow clasp had been chosen for this piece.  As soon as I realized the letters were to spell out my friends name, it hit me.  That moment came in like a gentle wave.  Finished or not, the love is clearly there; in the intention, and six tiny beads with a heart.  Treasure indeed.


8 thoughts on “There’s treasure everywhere

  1. serenitywriter Post author

    Well I’d have to pick out more of some kind of bead so there are enough to make a bracelet or necklace. There are six alphabet beads and about six of the sparkling ones, I’d guess the plan was to put a crystal between each letter, and a clasp. I’m not sure about completing this project, but there was a double strand bracelet that just needed re-stringing, I did that last night. I wonder what treasure today will bring? : D Cheers

  2. serenitywriter Post author

    : ) Have you heard the story of a family who’s young daughter died, yet, while alive she was always drawing little pictures of whatever took her fancy and hid them all over the house? Years later her mom and dad are still finding her artwork in books, and under folded clothing, etc.,. I like the idea of someone leaving something about to remind their loved ones at a later date, “Hey, remember how much I love you.”


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