I’ll go with you

A week ago I said those words to a friend, but I wasn’t literally, physically, going anywhere with him.  You see, we were speaking over the telephone, when a painful memory of his, reared its head.  As he struggled with the best way to resolve it, an enormous silence bloomed.  It was a huge canyon filled with the unspoken wrenching of hearts.  I suggested he step into that abyss, we both knew it needed to be done.  I added the words, “I’ll go with you” and heard a sigh of relief.  It doesn’t matter that I don’t have a clue as to what he’s going through, or that geographically he’s too far for me to give a real hug, it’s the idea of not being alone that brought some ease.

Four short words, which carry with them great comfort, can mean the world to someone, or even lift it off their shoulders for a time.  I know because just the other night a girl friend and I were talking about life, being true to who we really are, and how it isn’t always easy.  I covertly cringed at something she said, and turned away to avoid the subject when I heard, “I’ll go with you.”  She saw right through the smokescreen I threw around my tiny issue, in the second she let me know she supported my efforts, it ceased to be a concern.  Odd how, just knowing you aren’t alone in a situation can be enough to let it go.

If you’re facing your own abyss, no matter what it contains, I’ll go with you.


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