verbal immunizing and kissy face angels

We’ve all got parts and aspects of ourselves we’re born with, and some of them we aren’t always thrilled about.  Usually we aren’t happy because of the reaction from the outside world, often starting in elementary school.  For me that could have been my freckles.  I’m a freckle face.  I’ve been called every freckle name you can think of.  Thanks to being told when I was very young that my freckles are special, I love this part of me.

It’s simple, from the earliest age I was told they were angel kisses.  When school began and a kid would tease me, I’d practically dance away laughing at the ridiculous idea that there could be anything wrong with my freckles.  Indeed, the very freckles that were being mocked were there because, (drop voice in awe), angels had kissed my face a bazillion times.

To be honest, I’ll bet at first I didn’t know what an angel was.  My dad probably could have said “baseball players”, with the same reverence in his voice, and I would have been just as thrilled.  Of course, the magic would have worn off as soon as I watched a game and saw grown men spitting and scratching.  All the same, it turned out to be one of the most amazing gifts I’ve ever received.  To this day I love my freckles.

I see how simple it can be to give someone a way to love something about themselves.  Looking back at how well that worked, I wish the ‘angel kisses’ magic wand had been waved over other aspects of my life.  I could joke about height, glasses, etc., but seriously, just imagine if the first time you stepped onto a playground you felt positively amazing about yourself.  And that when you walked off the graduation stage at age 18, you still felt just as mighty as that first day in kindergarten.  How do we make that happen for kids?

The fact that those closest to me made sure I knew something about me was perfect and even special, shielded me so that nothing any kid said in the future could change that.  It was as if I was immunized.  I don’t know if there could have been words to ease every awkward stage of growing up, but I am grateful for those angel kisses.

Who do you know, child or otherwise, that you could ‘wave’ some words over, to help boost them to realize a part of themselves is spectacular?


4 thoughts on “verbal immunizing and kissy face angels

  1. serenitywriter Post author

    Hi Kim. Yes, that was a stroke of genius. As to what else can be said to kids, I’ve been told that girls need to hear that they’re beautiful, it probably can’t hurt to tell our sons that they’re handsome too, ’cause they compare themselves too, but aren’t likely to ever breathe a word of it. It’s kind of fun to see all the ways we can be creative as parents, like sneaking veggies into meals. xo

    1. serenitywriter Post author

      I’ve been thinking on this and I wonder if another great thing to say to a young one, who loves animals, might be to compare some part of their personality, or abilities to an animal they love. Not sure what exactly, but I keep remembering the Dr. Dolittle soundtrack with one song asking “Why don’t we say as noble as a frog?” My sister loves frogs and I bet she would get this. Hmmmm. Thank you for stopping by.


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