to love or shun, that is the homework

Driving home this morning I passed a small sign posted on a utility pole.  It read along the lines of, “Getting into Heaven?  Free 5 minute taped message”, which led me to realize how content I feel these days.  My oldest kid is home from college for a few days, we’re all healthy, and so on and so forth, this is heaven I thought… right here on Earth.  When it gets better than this, all that will be icing on the cake.  I’m cliché central today.  Sure I’ll keep reaching for goals and wanting more experiences that are fun, but overall, there are some awesome people in my life and I recognize RIGHT NOW how amazing it is that I know them, and love them and that they love me sans Oscar, and pre Pulitzer.

That’s my bottom line, not the amount in my bank account, not the size of my house, the model of my car, or the accolades we can display, but the people who I interact with and think of and the quality of their characters.  They are truly, amazing people.

I love being in this place of seeing clearly those closest to me.  I see them and it comes to me, ‘that’s who they are, that’s where they are and it’s all good.’   I adore the feeling of accepting everyone and their choices of experiences.  I’m not saying I’m always there, heck no.  But when I do reach that place, even when it’s only for a short visit, I am grateful for every second.  I’m doubly grateful when I remember that there are people being just as accepting and patient of me and where I’m at.  What about people I don’t know to be awesome and amazing?

We, human beings that is, we have the capacity to love and love and love… everyone.  It’s how we are underneath all the labels, limits and restrictions we put on each other.  We create these policies that are basically limitations on love.  Don’t we?  here, I’ll give examples;

  1. I love you as long as you don’t veer too far into the wrong side of my political views.
  2. I love you as long as you aren’t gay.
  3. I love you as long as you aren’t fat.
  4. I love you as long as you don’t steal.
  5. blah blah blah, religious stuff.
  6. blah blah blah, rich.
  7. etc.,. you get the picture?

I’m not going to explain this, I’m going to let it sink it.  Consider the idea.  What restrictions or policies do you put on love, and would you consider expanding your thoughts on that?  Just thoughts, I’m not asking anyone to go out on the limb and say out loud what they feel, just ponder the idea a while.  What if you allowed yourself to love, I’m not talking romantic love, or anything of that sort, just love.  As in, can you take a moment to send thoughts of love to someone you normally scorn?

You want a personal example?  Normally I think some pretty horrible things about Michael Vick, football player, convicted animal abuser.  I’ve been challenging myself to let go of those thoughts, and it’s not easy.  I haven’t gotten to thinking anything positive about him yet, letting go of the negatives is enough for now… I’ll let you know when I get that far.  Notice I didn’t say “if”.


2 thoughts on “to love or shun, that is the homework

  1. Patricia

    A few years ago I realized I was struggling with giving love and hopefully receiving love in return. I don’t just mean romantic love, I mean love for friends, strangers, the world in general. I would feel bad if the kindness I gave was not returned. I can’t remember what my turning point was but I decided that I would be a much better person if I could give love and not expect it in return. It’s been a very hard thing to do, I know that sounds selfish, yet as humans I think that in the end we want to be loved. I found it to be very freeing to give love to others and not expect it in return.
    Trying to forgive is a harder issue, such as the Vick issue. Things like that hurt me to the core, I’m not sure how to get around that, but I’ll continue to think on it. 🙂

  2. serenitywriter Post author

    Thank you for the comment Patricia. I used to have a similar experience. I’d go out, open, looking folks in the eye with a smile, and feel as if I was getting whacked in the head by all the frowns, and closed off faces I’d get in return. It was disheartening to see so many people afraid of… of what? I couldn’t be sure. It took me awhile to accept that some people are scared, wary, whatever. But when I come across someone else who lights up, smiles back, speaks genuinely if only to say, “Have a nice day” but with their full heart in it, I’m walking on sunshine and those are the moments that keep me on this track.
    As for Mr. Vick, I’m thinking somewhere, someone failed to make it clear to him that animals deserve to be treated kindly. In fact, quite the opposite. I’m hoping he’s truly understanding and seeing animals in a whole new way, or at least beginning to.


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