when it absolutely, positively has to be written NOW

This morning I was up at five a.m. and could only think of the back story to the fictional piece I’m writing.  What’s going on with this character while they are ‘off stage’, and is there any part of it that I should make sure comes to light? I’ve got a few scenes and loads of background notes written from…I’ll just say, a while ago.  Now, I’m scanning over them, making more notes and making sure all the threads come together to form the story I want.

All my old notes, now printed out, and organized are being re-written with new changes on paper.  I have no idea why I have the need to write with pen and paper, but there you are.  It’s all I can think on lately.  What motivates this person, what scares that one, why would she do that?  Etc.,.etc.,.etc.,.  and for some odd reason, I want to, need to, see it on paper first.  I noticed this morning that there are ink stains on my right hand, again.  I’m loving this adventure and am wondering, when will it be time to start typing this into the computer?  And when that happens will it feel as satisfying as writing it out is proving to be?

I also wonder, do other writers of fiction find themselves asking questions about their characters aloud?  And when they do, if they do, do they feel like a rocket is propelling into them into this imaginary time and place?  If that happens to others how do they stand the excitement?  How do they sleep?  Mine has been full of the story, and I wake feeling charged with ideas, but not exactly rested.  This morning, everything tastes slightly odd, like the after taste of sugar substitutes.  I’m stepping out of normal life to direct all attention and energy into words to make up a story.  The writer in me can’t waste time letting me drink a cup of tea it would seem.  She’s new to me, this one track minded thinker who would have me eschew sleeping, eating, chatting with friends, and writing this blog.  I feel like there’s a clone of me, layered over the real me, who is behind the scenes, plotting, scrutinizing, writing, all the while the outer me is living my normal, daily life.  I’m so excited, I have to go now, this story won’t wait.  Ta


9 thoughts on “when it absolutely, positively has to be written NOW

  1. Darlene

    I can’t wait for this story to be published! If you are that excited about it, it will be great. I too like to write the first thoughts on paper before bringing it to life on the computer screen. It just seems more “organic” (one of those annoying trendy words I know). Whatever works – but the ink stains on the fingers make it more real to me. Keep writing, the world is waiting!

  2. Kim

    I love the perspective of the “other self” !!

    When I write something important, I often write it on paper first.. then when I type it out.. amazing things happen!

  3. Linda Cassidy Lewis

    Ha-ha, now you know what it was like writing The Brevity of Roses! It was wonderful and I can’t wait for that to happen with my current novel. Swept away with story, living with your characters, hearing, seeing, feeling them. It’s magic, isn’t it?

    1. serenitywriter Post author

      Magic? I was thinking more along the lines of alien pod person but magic sounds much better. : D
      Did your characters form slowly or did one or two of them seem to take shape from shapeless mud as it were? Or come to life like a painting? One of mine is taking it’s sweet time gelling.

      1. Linda Cassidy Lewis

        Jalal came to me the clearest, in a dream, and he spoke to me clearest, “telling” me his story as I needed it. He gave me his name straight out.

        Meredith came clearly to me as she was at the time she met Jalal, and then I just watched their story play out, like a movie, and recorded it. But when I started creating her backstory things bogged down. Finally, she corrected me fiercely on one point and then all the pieces came together.

        Renee was a new situation. I originally conceived her as a much different character, but as I began to write Jalal’s solo story, I realized that character was all wrong. Renee came in slowly, but then POW.

        For me, it never works to force something. I had several completed scenes to revise when Meredith finally got through to me that I’d misunderstood her.

        Listen, watch, write. 🙂

  4. zacharyhill

    Where I work its slow and boring, but I get a lot of time to sit there and think about what I’ll write once I’m home. I ask myself questions out loud all the time. Also, I don’t understand how writers used pen and paper. My grammar and handwriting are so bad no one would be able to read my books!

  5. serenitywriter Post author

    Hee hee.. you’re grammar and handwriting are that bad eh? Well I tell you, my grammar is by and large, passable. But, there are rules and such, like prepositions and beginning a sentence with “and” or “but” that I am on a slippery slope with. 😀 I imagine pharmacists are excellent at deciphering bad handwriting… that’s an idea. No? S’okay, I’m nearly at the ‘typing it out’ stage. Thanks for stopping by.


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