The Point of View from your favorites please

One question; what is the point of view, (POV), of some of your favorite fictional books?  Feel free to give a word or two detailing what you love about it.  By favorite, I mean, stories that moved you to laugh, cry, read them repeatedly, share with friends, that sort of thing.  Not just, “I like it and have a copy, but, it comes right to mind and even though I might be embarrassed to be seen with it, I love it.”

You don’t have to name the books if you don’t want to, but adding the genre would be a nice bit of info.  If it’s listed as fiction, then write fiction, but if you loved the romance of it, feel free to say so, for example;

  1. First person – y/a – had me laughing out loud.
  2. Third person close – classic lit – actually made me cry.
  3. First person – sci-fi – so entertaining I couldn’t put it down.
  4. Third person – fiction – struck a chord about humanity
Of course, if you want to share the titles as well, that would be grand.  Please no putting down any specific book or genre.  Thanks in advance for any help with this project.  Jess

2 thoughts on “The Point of View from your favorites please

  1. Annie

    1. First Person – fiction – The Power of One – There were no ‘throw away’ characters in this book. Every character added something to the story and to my understanding
    2. First Person – YA – Looking for Alaska – The mystery aspect of the book caught me by surprise and seemed to make the plot more immediate and ‘real’.
    3. Third Person – Scifi – Her Majesty’s Wizard – It was funny and yet thought provoking and at some times heart wrenching. The author asked some really interesting questions about morality and personal responsibility.
    4. Third Person – Fantasy – The Princess Bride – I loved the parentheses dropped willy nilly. The book has action, suspense, romance and humor but some of my favorite parts are the stories of the ‘author’. I am particularly thinking of the part when he talks about the fact that life is not fair.
    It’s also not a wish granting factory. And that is a line from the last of my top five:
    5. First Person – YA – The Fault in Our Stars – It could have been massively depressing but was instead touching, humorous and gave you a bit of hope.


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