Five Reasons by Mariam Kobras

I’m thrilled to have Mariam here as my guest.  She’s the author of “The Distant Shore”

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Five Reasons

“Write a blog post titled “Five Reasons Why You Should Read The Distant Shore.” my publisher said.

“When do you need it?” I asked, nervously.

“Oh, you have tons of time, I don’t need it until tomorrow.”


Me? She wanted me to write a list of reasons why someone should part with their hard-earned cash and limited free time to read my book?

This was when I started squirming in embarrassment, and tried to explain that really, I couldn’t tell people why to read my…uhm…book.

“Why not?” my publisher asked, throwing me one of those looks over the rim of her glasses.

“Because…” I squirmed some more. “Because it sounds as if…as if…”

“As if you believe in your own writing as much as I do?” she provided helpfully.

Sometimes that woman has a way, I tell you, of making me do things I’d vowed NEVER to do—but that’s another story.

So, being the good girl I am, I sat down at my desk and started to think about those five reasons why YOU, dear reader of this blog post, would want to read The Distant Shore and a funny thing happened.

As soon as my thoughts drifted away from writing a blog post and toward my novel, I knew there were far more than five good reasons to read it indeed.

Here are just five:

1. Have you ever been in love with a rock or pop star?

You know, one of those beautiful, glamorous people who dazzle the world with their music and bright smiles? Well, in The Distant Shore you’ll meet one, and you’ll find out what it is like to live behind the glamour of fame and wealth.

2. Do you like traveling, and traveling in style? No money for First Class or a private jet? You can experience travel at its best with the Stones. They travel a lot, and they go to exciting and luxurious places. Oh, and they don’t take a lot of luggage with them. They just go shopping whenever they need something. Jon and Naomi Stone are like butterflies dancing around the world, as if it were their own personal flower garden. Travel with them to Norway, LA, Toronto, Geneva and NYC. And that’s just the beginning. Wait until you read the sequel!

3. I’ve always been fascinated by music, and the creation of music. I have this strong belief that music is something magical, something that has always existed and always will. It’s the hum of the universe and the melody of the stars, as they move through time. It’s the language of creation, the eternal tale of all souls. Some people have the special gift to hear it, and pluck it from the spheres, and through their compositions, we are allowed to share it.

Jon Stone may be a rock icon, but he’s also a gifted musician, and a great composer,

who has reached the point where he realizes he has to move on from being a live act touring the world to creating something more, settling down and writing seriously.

So, if you want to see someone like, Bruce Springsteen, turn into someone like, oh, Leonard Bernstein, you should read this book.

4. Ok, this is a love story. I hate for The Distant Shore to be called a love story, but let’s face it, it’s a love story.

It’s the story of Jon and Naomi, and their love for each other. They are both tenacious people, and even though they have been separated by life, they never give up this love. Each of them, in their own way, keeps the memory of their love alive for seventeen years, until they meet again.

Yes, it’s a romantic love story. But it doesn’t always go smoothly for them, and there are some serious bumps on the road to bliss. This book isn’t part one in a trilogy for nothing, people!

5. I was thinking of something really profound to say for Reason Number 5, but I’m out of profound reasons. So, I’ll go with this. The Distant Shore and its sequels are great reads – so buy them and read them.

Fact is, I need you to buy them so I can settle down in Key West and get my dream house with a porch.

It’s true. A house with a porch, somewhere warm and sunny year round, is my life’s dream. You can help me achieve it just by reading a nice book! Or rather, three nice books.

Hmm, that was easier than I thought it would be. So, what are you waiting for? I gave you FIVE excellent reasons why you should read The Distant Shore, now go buy a copy! Oh, and I’ll save you the perfect chair on that porch where you can read it.

This was the fourth stop on Mariam’s “Love is in the Air” Blog Hop & Giveaway. We hope you enjoyed reading this and will join her tomorrow on Sam Hilliard’s Blog. Sam is a fellow Buddhapuss Ink writer and author of The Last Track

Buddhapuss Ink LLC will be giving away copies of Mariam’s first book The Distant Shore, along with some other pretty terrific (and very Romantic) gifts as we count down the days to Valentine’s Day!

Want to enter the giveaway? 

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9 thoughts on “Five Reasons by Mariam Kobras

  1. Jaqui Somers

    I CANNOT wait to read the books AND… to see photographs of you sitting on the porch of your dream house in Key West … because I KNOW this will happen. Love and hugs xxx

  2. Annie

    I have another reason. So many books start at the beginning and yet so much of the risk, work and reward of relationships comes after the “happy ending”. Miriam jumps into the middle of a relationship and shows while there isn’t necessarily a “happy Ever after” in the sense nothing ever goes wrong, she does show that there is happiness in the overcoming of obstacles together. Her book is wonderful and I am so very happy it has been given the chance to enrich my and others’ lives.

    Reason 6: You will love it.

  3. Lilian

    Honestly, I am just intrigued because it was featured on Amazon Buzz Reads…even though I am not a big romance fan.

    But with all the good things I am hearing, how bad can it get?


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