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  1. Linda Cassidy Lewis

    Cynthia wrote an excellent post, didn’t she. I’ll say here, what I said there.

    Where do we sign up? I’ve struggled with this label for years. It’s hard to say the term “women’s fiction” is sexist, derogatory, limiting because it’s so hazily defined. Meg Wolitzer definition is fine, though, as you say, no one uses the term men’s fiction as a general term for books written by men.

    Romance, chick lit, contemporary, and some literary books are grouped together under the label women’s fiction, so, as you experienced, when you say you write women’s fiction that means nothing specific — and that means the term should be obsolete.

  2. cynthia

    Jessica, thanks so much for reposting my piece. It’s the first time I’ve been re-blogged! And hi, Linda! Thanks for leaving comments both places : )


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