considerations on conflict

Isn’t it interesting that every story we want to read, watch or listen to has conflict in it somewhere? Β To write a compelling story, the rule is, there has to be some kind of conflict.

Yet, so many are trying to live a life without conflict.

I wonder if it is the core of our human struggles, that we have an overall desire to create, experience, or at the very least be a voyeur of, conflict?

Would we know what to do with ourselves, with our energy, should we decide to let that need go?

I’m going to stop there and peruse that idea for a while.


9 thoughts on “considerations on conflict

    1. serenitywriter Post author

      Hmm, my first thought is, I think it is a human condition. But one that we can choose to embrace or not. I also wonder why being different should be perceived as a conflict. Why not a joy? Maybe we are drawn to conflict to better understand it, see it, eventually, as a choice.
      I wonder if one of the keys to achieve a better understanding is to accept, encourage and love our bodies as well as our spirits, differing sexes, and looks. In reaching this summit, we might be able to see how alike we are, and lighten some of the ideas we fear. Evil, I have read, is simply that which requires the light of understanding, forgiveness, and love. Not always the easiest of tasks right? Maybe that’s why we like to read or see stories of others overcoming their conflicts? I wish more stories showed less conflict being resolved through force.

      1. Linda Cassidy Lewis

        Conflict is only opposition, the impetus for choice. I don’t see it as necessarily negative.

        I would suppose the popularity of love stories speaks to the desire for conflict solving without force. πŸ˜‰

  1. Darlene

    I think we like to read about conflict and how it is resolved in fiction to validate our own conflicts (Be they internal or external) It is how we learn from fiction. My nonfiction reading friends argue you can’t learn from fiction. I firmly believe you can.


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