simple happiness

I’m feeling tremendously awesome. For many things, but off the top of my head comes gratitude to every cell of my body for working so perfectly that I was able to ride my bike home after dropping my car off at the shop, that I have no pain, and have senses that allows me to enjoy the –

Flowers I bought. Big, beautiful pink Peonies to be exact. I’ve cut the stems and put them in fresh water and they are opening up right before my eyes like time lapse imagery without the lapse. They are looking frilly with some roses, and the scent is magical

Ears that allow me to hear my kid singing, practically all the time. Plus I’m tickled that the other night when we were playing various music, “Back in Black” by AC/DC came on and she told us all, with a huge grinning face, “I LOVE THIS SONG!”

Taste, oh wow! Pecans, I am thrilled with pecans. They are probably my favorite nut. They are crunchy, buttery goodness, unless you’re allergic. In which case, I’m sorry.  Everything, even water tastes and feels like some miracle of nature.

As ever, I adore my washing machine and clothes dryer. Mostly the washing machine, please don’t tell the dryer. It’s so simple to load up, turn it on, and then it does all the work. I don’t have to crank anything, boil water, or worse, tote dirty things to the river and beat them on rocks.

The way the cats make that odd chittering noise when they see birds, always makes me smile. This morning one bird was doing what looked like an intricate dance of opening it’s wings, closing, opening, and then hopping. Until I moved, scared the bird, and the cat looked over at me, you know, to let me know I messed that up. Even that sent my heart soaring.

I’m not sure why every little thing seems like a treasure to me today, maybe it’s the exercise after a week of being smacked down by a nasty head cold. I hate for my head to hurt and there was pressure. It slowed me up. I love days where the world is my personal candy store, and I’m aware of it, all put there for me to be dazzled by and enjoy. I accept it like a giddy kid now, because there have been too many days where it felt the opposite. I’m off to savor some more. What everyday little things can send you over the moon?


6 thoughts on “simple happiness

  1. Lori

    I love to see some new exotic bird at one of our feeders. I immediately grab my field guide and try to identify it. I always get a thrill when I figure out what kind it is. Great post!


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