adoption- withhold the judgment, focus on the love

I like animals.  I used to donate time to a couple of shelters, mostly volunteering at adoption days and food drives.  Lately, I just share a lot of photos in FB in case anyone local has it in mind to foster or adopt a dog or cat.

last year I hid the updates of one group because I got tired of seeing the comments badgering the why’s of an animal being given up.  It’s happening again.  A couple of weeks ago it was a post showing a sad-looking dog with a litany of words that went something like “I just adopted the dog you gave up, and he’s sad, doesn’t know where you went…”  that sort of thing.  A lot of folks cheered it.  I gathered my courage and left a short comment saying otherwise.

This morning there was another, it began by talking about giving up a child.  From there it went on to compare a child to a dog or a cat, with the point being to slap the proverbial hands of those who relinquish their pets.

I’m not going to get into the argument that a child isn’t a dog or a cat.  I do want to point out that we do relinquish children and babies all the time.  Sometimes the person isn’t ready for a baby.  Other times, a child is put in foster care due to a parent’s drug use, physical abuse, etc.,.  In some ways it is all too similar.

It is my wish that the energy being spent on judging those that find themselves in an unhappy situation with their dogs and cats, be focused instead on finding homes for them.  Lest those that find themselves unable to keep their animals fear judgment, and instead of bringing them somewhere safe, they dump the animals in a remote place.  Or worse.

It’s not about the why’s an animal find themselves in need of a new home.  It’s that they are in need of a loving, safe place to live so they can flourish.  If you adopt a relinquished animal, be grateful for the love they bring to your life.


2 thoughts on “adoption- withhold the judgment, focus on the love

  1. Sonya Loveday

    *on a side note…..don’t you just cringe when Animal Planet plays that one commercial with the Sarah McLachlan song “In The Arms Of The Angel”….I just want to adopt every last one of those sad little animals so that I know someone is loving them 😦


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