hurdles in writing

I haven’t been around here much, I’ve been immersed in writing a piece of fiction.  Today I should hit the halfway mark, 60 thousand words.  There’s been a lot to learn along the way, such as; stop polishing the same piece and keep writing, and, do not try to force anything.  I mean, if I’m not feeling the love on a particular day, that’s the day to skip the love-y scene and go to the scene where someone gets their teeth kicked in.

For a time there I had to remove the first part of the story to another document just so I would stop editing it.  Sigh.  I stubbornly believed I could not go further until the opening pages were perfect.  Other people do that too right?

I’ve even learned how to go with the flow.  When life says, “You shall not write”, (you only think you will), I found a way to adapt.  For example, the other day all the kids were out and I had some quiet, weekend time to write.  A rarity.

Except the love of my life was here and would break my focus with odd comments and questions here and there.  “How’s it going?”, and “Are you coming down with a cold?” This asked after the seventeenth sneeze.  Somehow, I accepted that it was either stop immersing myself into the story only to be interrupted, or do something I’ve been wanting to do for awhile.  I read sections out loud to him and got his opinion.

I love his opinion, he’s read a load of books and is very good at creating spur of the moment stories for the kids.  And I got some good advice, some excellent insights, and there was an overall warm fuzzy feeling of sharing my creation with him.

Unlike a batch of freshly baked cookies everyone can share in right away, this particular production is taking a long time, (a long, long time), and it was fun to give him a detailed look at all I’ve been doing.  Through his eyes I could see that indeed my story is very much past the zygote stage.  In fact, I feel a bit like someone who didn’t realize their baby was a teenager, and almost ready to leave the nest.


When you can’t write, what are some things you do to keep the motivation flowing?


3 thoughts on “hurdles in writing

  1. Kim

    Lovely.. I LOVE that you are writing and pushing through. Although I have never written a book, I do write, and when I am blocked either I take a break or turn on some “spa” music. For some reason, this type of music tends to get my mojo going.

    So happy you blogged today 🙂


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