where cake meets frosting

For a long time, I held fast to the idea that lasting memories have nothing to do with the buying or giving of things.  Those moments with my family, wherein we talk about our days, wishes, and dreams, those were what I determinedly held onto as the end all, be all.  True, they were and are, fun, funny, loving.  In a word, cake. Subtly sweet, with hints of the sublime.  At the same time I thought the extraneous things of life; a closet full of shoes, a dozen watches and/or sunglasses, a holiday abroad, etc., as frosting.  I didn’t realize I had become rigid with an either/or on those ideals.

I was like a kid who keeps the peas segregated from the mashed potatoes.  It turns out I have so much to learn.  Life as I saw it had to fall into parameters I understood, and when they mixed I kept my perspective tightly focused on what I felt was the most important part, the cake, eschewing the frosting.  Was I afraid of becoming superficial, that I’d miss the real stuff because I was focused on shiny bits?  Maybe.

What’s really fascinating to me is that when all the changes started happening, and I can’t pinpoint when that was, but somewhere in there I let things mix together, and I enjoyed it.  What I had thought of as strictly cake moments, became sweeter, and the formerly rationed frosting magically appeared with it.  Now I get these awesome bites that have the perfect balance of cake and frosting.  I am floored, and get this, nothing changed except how I savor each bite.

Okay, (shyly admits) it’s possible that it also has to do with allowing myself to have it in the first place.  Why didn’t I hear about doing this ages ago?  Sigh, I’m sure several people led me to moments where I could have lapped it all up and chimed “How sweet it is!”  And like the stubborn horses of cliche fame, I would not drink.  Forget singing, heck, I probably wouldn’t allow myself to be led, because I can be ridiculous that way.  (another thing I want to look into changing)

Baby I’m lapping it up now though, and I recommend giving everything another taste, adjusting viewpoints, trying something new, whatever it takes.  Why did I ever pigeon-hole the way I enjoy what life has to offer?  I can’t explain what makes it more so for me, and I’m not certain what could change that for anyone else, but I’m loving this and I suggest whole heartedly to everyone to find a way to taste it all.


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