Sex and females in young adult fiction

While I’m aware of what I personally don’t like, sexually speaking, in a book aimed at adults, and I get that some folks don’t like sex beyond suggestion in any books they read.  I’ve read a lot of blogs by writers about sex in stories, mostly aimed at adults, most are focused on how graphic the scene should be.  But what I’m wondering specifically is about Young Adult fiction.

How will it be accepted that my book, the main character, a teenage girl of seventeen, has a scene where she amps up the heat on her boyfriend, hoping to take things to the next level?

How do you feel about sexual scenes in books for and about teens?


5 thoughts on “Sex and females in young adult fiction

  1. Laura Best

    Wow! That’s a good question. I recently read “How to Tend a Grave,” by Jocelyn Shipley and one of her main characters is fifteen and she’s had a miscarriage. Obviously this is a situation that is all too real for teens these days. The character describes what happened but I thought it was done very well and I didn’t feel as if it was something a young person shouldn’t read. I really think if an author is writing about these subjects there’s a way to do it tastefuly


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