Sex and females in YA fiction – II

I had a bunch of other things I was toying with blogging about, but what I really want to ask is, has anyone else noticed that when a teen girl in a YA  book has sex, the proclivity is for circumstances to punish her for it?

What I mean is this.  Is there a YA book out there where a teen girl has consensual sex and does not suffer some kind of physical or emotional fall-out from that act?  Specifically, no accidental pregnancy, no STD, no rape, no clinical depression or even suicide.

I’ve been reading a Lot of YA books, since I was a young adult and recently.  While I don’t want to name particular titles, I have to say if there’s a human female in there who is sexual, woe onto her.  I haven’t read every YA fiction that’s out there, not by a long shot, but so far nothing good comes to those who have sex.  Off the top of my head, there’s been a possible suicide, a definite suicide, rape, and so on and so forth.

There aren’t a lot of YA books dealing with this at all, and I understand the desire to avoid that topic, especially if it’s not a key part of the story.  But, there are so many girl crush books out there where the couple only kisses, maybe.  Which is fine, but they ring false in that they rarely deal with how hard it is for teenagers to fight their hormones.  Yes, a pushy boy is often mentioned, but, I’m just going to say it, girls have hormones too.

I’m not putting down the books that deal with rape and situations where it may arise, those things need to be written and talked about.  From where I’m standing though, it does look as if the field is uneven.  So much about the dangers and very little or nothing about what can go right.  Shouldn’t there be a contemporary story where the couple go over the risks, cover their bases and enjoy their first time together?

I’m not saying I advocate teens having sex.  I don’t.  That being said, I do stand firmly on the side of educating kids on ALL options because I understand nature is a tough cookie sometimes.  Expecting young adults to abstain out of fear doesn’t strike me as a good solution.

Is there a book out there where a teen girl, or even a boy, can have consensual sex without obviously suffering for it afterwards that has been published in the last ten years?


5 thoughts on “Sex and females in YA fiction – II

  1. J Popelish

    Have you read “The Fault in Our Stars” by John Greene? It is a story that ends in tragedy, but not as punishment for the heroine. It is just that sometimes life is a bitch. Otherwise it is a very sweet story.

    1. serenitywriter Post author

      That story was suggested, and I am on a waiting list for a copy. I look forward to reading it, Mr. Green is an excellent writer, I often like the humor he puts in his stories. Thanks for commenting.

  2. jenniferneri

    Try Graceling, by Kristin Cashore, if you haven’t already.
    I was so impressed by how the author handled sex in the book, made it a decision, and the repercussion was that the MC ended up caring for him more, falling in love more, and willing to push her limits to the extreme more In order to help him. If you’ve read it, did you have the same reaction as me..


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