Why the world needs Superman

One Nerd thing I’ve been dying to officially say for ages …  During a ceremony where the late Christopher Reeve was honored for his portrayal of Superman, it was said he was great because he made us believe a man could fly.

Not so.  The special effects made us think a man could fly.  What Christopher Reeve did was take someone who is technically an alien, and make him very human in his love for the people of his adopted planet.  He didn’t care for us by use of his given abilities only, yes he saved people from crime, disasters and accidents, but there was also a quality that’s not scripted.

Whatever this element is, it’s something earlier actors didn’t convey.  It could have been the time and direction, when strong men were silent, stony faced and one-dimensional.  And damsels in distress constantly bit their knuckle in a recurring expression of fear.  You know the one I mean.

With Reeve’s Superman, the world was shown someone with unlimited strength, who also wore his soft spot for a physically weaker people, with humility.  He was a man willing to learn from anyone, any situation, even his own mistakes.

Let me put it this way, everyone has power over someone else, adults over kids, bosses over employees, you get the idea.  How do you wield the power you have?  Have you had a real life example to emulate?


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