Babies Remember: The Birth Story

I find his fascinating


One thought on “Babies Remember: The Birth Story

  1. elizabeth carman

    Thank you for posting this inspiring article! Wendy is sharing what people really are ready to explore. About 25 years ago, I began to meet mothers telling me stories about the birth memories of their children as well as their own birth memories. As I began to research this field, at the time, it was hard to find books and articles about similar reports. Were these stories true or fictitious?

    Then I came across the pioneering research in prenatal psychology of Dr David Chamberlain and Dr. Thomas Verny, MD. whose research revealed that babies are far more alert and have memories of prenatal life. Chamberlain is a clinical psychologist, and founder of a website for the Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health (APPPAH). Dr Chamberlain is the author of Babies Remember Birth (1988) and Windows to the Womb (2013). Dr. Thomas Verny, MD is the founder of APPPAH and author of Secret Life of the Unborn Child (1981).

    Now at this point in time, we now have more than forty years of credible research in prenatal and peri-natal psychology adding support on the science end to the stories mothers hear from their children about remembering their births.

    Tracking down birth memories can be challenging since it is still a rare topic of conversation, and a cultural bias exists against them. Nonetheless, we project that thousands of cases exist. My husband and I have recently written a new book including reports from toddlers whose memories of conception, pregnancy, and birth shock their parents. These comments come out of the blue, no prompting and startle the parents. And in many cases, the memories are validated. We continue to hear more and more reports from mothers.

    Pre-birth memories not only make for interesting stories, these abilities will change the boundaries of medical and psychological research, and even more importantly, change our understanding of who and what we are.

    We are immortal beings having a mortal experience.


    Elizabeth Carman, Ph.D. (H)
    co-author of Cosmic Cradle, Spiritual Dimensions of Life before Birth.


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