What could save a boring author photo

I’ve been pushing the idea of taking an author photo around in my head for some time.  Mostly I keep thinking of how boring it sounds, sitting around while someone takes pictures of me, hoping to get a good smile, both eyes open, and may it please the publisher, catching a spark of intelligence in my countenance.

When I look through books and see author photos I think, what does what they look like have to do with the stories they write?  Nothing.  But then I decided it could be a fun thing.  You know, add a cool hat, or a kids tiara, I even snapped a selfie the other day with a pencil up my nose.  (Yes I regressed to age ten, I blame FB)  My friends found it amusing, but I doubt a publisher would agree.

And then it hit me.  I can have a regular, everyday author photo, yawn, but in the background I want Jennifer Lawrence photobombing.  I like that she’s not only doing this to other actors and such, but at places where everyone is supposed to be proper and on their best behaviour.  I would choose Jennifer or Sir Ian McKellan.  I will be seen as the hard-working writer, but one who doesn’t take herself so seriously, that she’d release a photo of herself with ‘Richard III’ snarling in the background.


2 thoughts on “What could save a boring author photo

  1. Laura Best

    Great ideas, Jess! You’re probably right, though, a publisher might not appreciate the pencil up the nose as much as the rest of us would. 😉 Having someone take your photo is not an easy thing. Well, the taking of the photos isn’t so bad, it’s when you go to look at them afterward that’s hard. I didn’t realize I had so many wrinkles until I got my author photo done. I guess the camera doesn’t lie.


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