Discoveries – it’s not easy being green

Not only is green beauty expensive, but I assumed my overly-sensitive nose would love natural fragrances and was I wrong.  Plus, something in a green beauty skincare product is giving my skin dry patches that flake.  It isn’t pretty.

But, there have been pluses.

An excellent discovery that smells good and keeps me smelling good is Schmidt’s Deodorant.  Every so often I’ll listen to a YouTube video and pick up a piece of info I wasn’t looking for, that’s how I heard of Schmidt’s.  I have a travel size natural deodorant from a Credo Beauty bag of goodies, and it works great, (it’s Lovefresh in grapefruit scent).  My youngest decided it was time for her to start wearing deodorant and took it over.  I looked into buying another one and saw that it’s $7.50.  (Did you remember that I said it was travel size?)  $7.50 for another travel size, plus tax, and shipping.  Ouch.  Thus, I was happy to hear about Schmidt’s  (2.65 oz for $4.99 at Target) and it works well, but because it’s sold at Target that saves me a shipping fee.  Better still, there are options in scents.  I got bergamot and lime, and my teenager tried the lavender and sage.  I find the smell is very light and after applying it, the scent doesn’t catch my attention at all.  Even better, it works and I’m not catching whiffs of b.o.   We’ve already had two days that broke the 100 degree F. mark.  Welcome to Fresno.

Another awesome discovery has been a coconut hair conditioner by Juice Organics that came in the last Goodbeing box.  I tried the Coconut oil hair mask that came in a Petit Vour box some time back and meh, my hair seemed the same after washing the mask out, but after using this conditioner my hair felt soft.  Even after blow drying, my hair felt soft.  My hair never feels that soft unless I let it air dry, but with Juice Organics Repairing Conditioner, it was soft after blow drying.  I’m rambling.  Better still, I discovered Target sells this product.  I am not paid by Target but will add that I am glad their organic/green section is growing.  I suggested they put out sample containers the way Whole Foods does, so customers can smell lotions and feel the texture, but the woman working there gave me the hairy eyeball.  Here’s how I manage around that, I make my purchase, head straight to the in-house Starbucks, open the package and test it there.  If it’s objectionable, I return it before leaving.

I’m still hoping to try products by Osmia and have considered wanting to be Dr. Villafranco when I grow up.  She’s brilliant, raves about weird looking green smoothies which I cannot embrace (yet), and has an awesome job.  Something about making natural products like soap appeals to my inner hippie.  But I’m not trying anything new until I figure out what is causing my desert skin.  I’m beginning to suspect Suntegrity’s 5 in 1 tinted Sunblock, but I can’t be certain.

I heard from an esthetician that lavender essential oil isn’t a good thing to put on the face (thus in face products), and so many face products have blends of essential oils in them, in part (I’m guessing), to add a pleasing scent.  I’m left wondering if that and/or another essential oil might be causing my never before experienced level of desert skin.  So, I’m not using any of the products that have any essential oil blends and such for fragrance in my skincare routine, and I’m not using my Suntegrity sunblock, and I’m holding back from Osmia products for the time being, all though, that rose clay soap is calling my name.

In the meantime I bought Mad Hippie Facial SPF.  It leaves a faint white cast, and it smells odd.  Not horrible.  Just odd.  Of course, my dry flakes look horrible picked out in white sunblock.   I stashed it in the “waiting” drawer until my skin goes back to normal.  I’ve been wearing a lot of hats these days.   Oh, and I purchased a bottle of Mad Hippie face cleanser and after a week, I still love the Akwi face cleanser by Mun best of all.

On an earth-friendly note, my oldest and I agree to stop using and/or cut back on single use plastic items.  She now owns stainless steel drinking straws and I no longer buy swabs with plastic middles.  You know the ones with the cotton made into a point?  They are a huge help in swiping away still-wet mascara clumps.  Don’t stick them in your ears.  I found them with paper sticks in the middle and now buy those.

Green beauty is pricey, it can smell horrible and so on, but the positives outweigh the negatives so onward I go.


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